On Page Website SEO Services

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. On-page refers to optimizing both the content and HTML source code of a page; whereas off-page SEO refers to links and other external factors. The goal of our On Page Website SEO Services is to ensure that anyone can discover your website by searching for your desired key words. Here’s how we do it:

Meta Description

The meta description is the short paragraph consisting of 1 or 2 lines shown on Google. We provide optimized snippet text which encapsulates your webpage to visitors and search engines, thereby significantly improving your SEO ranking.

Meta Title

An ineffective meta title hurts your site’s search engine optimization. Our team provides the most relevant and specific meta titles without going overboard. This gives search engines and visitors alike the info they seek and thus raises your website ranking.

Language-tag Optimization

The language tags attribute tells search engines the language of your content. We utilize the hreflang attribute which is highly recommended for use in on-page markup, the headers and the site map.

OG Tags Optimization

Open graph meta tags are used for social media indexing. We implement customized OG Tags that can lead enthusiastic visitors straight to your sales path.

Alt Attributes

Alt attributes are also called alt tags or alt descriptions and are used to describe the content of images. According to the latest Google update, ensuring accurate alt tags is essential to achieve a top page ranking.

Robots.txt Optimization

This is the first file that every search engine reads. By properly utilizing your robots.txt file, you tell the crawler what you do and do not want it to index. This is an essential aspect of search engine optimization.

Optimize The Heading

Heading tag optimization is a critical ranking factor according to Google. Effectively optimized headings with your most relevant keywords are like sign posts to search engines, which put a lot of weight behind them when it comes to directing visitors to relevant sites.

Site Map

The site map contains pointers to all elements of your website such as text, videos, and images. This allows Google and other search engines to discover all the information on your website in a single place. Sitemaps tell Google which page or element of the website is more relevant given the keywords the user enters.

URL Canonicalization

If there are several URLs that lead to the same page on your site and the search engine is forced to index each of them, this can damage your ranking. URL Canonicalization tells the search engine which URL it should follow, preventing it from crawling the same page multiple times and thus maximizing your ranking.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Integration

We provide Google Analytics and integration with Google’s Webmaster Tools, which analyzes the behavior of visitors to your site and can help you fix any problems related to layout, site map or security as you add content. How long do users stay on a given page? Where do they come from? Where do they go afterward? Google’s tools can answer all these questions and more, furthering assisting you in optimizing your site.

Use Important Meta Tag

Meta tags are an often overlooked but important factor when it comes to SEO, even though they aren’t actually displayed to the visitor. Search engines utilize them to get a snapshot of the contents of each page. Sites with properly-optimized Meta tags are going to rank higher than those without.

Remove Unwanted URLs

According to the Google Standards, duplicate home page URLs, or dynamic URLs containing special characters, are a no-no. We comb through your site and eliminate any duplicate URLs that serve no other purpose while telling search engines not to crawl any others that are necessary. The result is a higher-ranked site well-indexed by Google and other search engines.

Why Choose SeoPages Services?

We Do It All

From on-page SEO, to behind-the-scenes technical work, to blogging and content promotion via social media, to quality link building, all these activities are part of every SEO Package we offer. In short, our SEO Packages include whatever it takes to achieve excellent ranking results.

SeoPages has been recognized as one of the top companies out there in the field of SEO and website performance. So when you choose us, you’re choosing a company that has been nationally recognized as among the best in class.

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Whether you choose our basic plan or a completely customized solution, you’ll get the same quality work, attention to detail and impeccable service. So select the plan that’s right for you, and get started today!